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We are Hong Kong Matchmakers, an elite service company, catering to tertiary educated senior professionals and executives in the higher income group. Certified by the Matchmaking Institute of New York and winner of numerous awards, Worldwide Lifestyle describes us as “the most professional company in this field in Hong Kong”, while Hong Kong Business describes our founder “Diamond Matchmaker” Mei Ling as “.. someone who has put some class in the business of matchmaking.. ” .



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Why Off Shore Dating ?

After 3 years of pandemic, people have had enough of video meetings.Travelling fervour now exceeds airline readiness… In time, situation will improve, frequent travelling will resume again, meaning less time for local dating, & off shore dating will become sensible & attractive.

To expand the search for our clients, we seek collaboration with elite matchmakers overseas on a continuous basis – these colleagues will be well remunerated for services rendered. A win win situation for all !

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